At ibericode we believe the internet should be open for everyone, not divided into a few walled gardens extracting profit from its inhabitants. Through our our plugins like Koko Analytics and Mailchimp for WordPress or our contributions to WordPress core we strive to make the internet live up to that ideal.

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  • Danny van Kooten


Paperplane is a communication studio with a multidisciplinary approach, which takes into consideration all design languages.

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  • Giovanni Invernizzi

JNext Technologies

We deliver enterprise Level web publishing and digital commerce solutions using WordPress Gutenberg Blocks. Open-source is at the center of all our work, while we help unlock operational efficiency, develop new capabilities and remove vendor lock-in for large enterprise projects from around the world.

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  • Daya
  • Vipul
  • Vipul Ghori
  • Vivek Kotadiya


At WebDevStudios, we love WordPress. We are also very passionate about open-source software in general. Since 2014, we have participated in the Five for the Future (#5ftf) movement. Monthly, our company devotes an entire workday to #5ftf, sharing our contributions on our blog and Twitter feed by featuring the hashtag. Because we have a set… continue reading WebDevStudios

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  • Autry Reeves
  • Biplav
  • Jeffrey de Wit
  • dcooney
  • elpuas
  • Awais Altaf
  • itsamoreh
  • jennahines24
  • jennifercc
  • jrfoell
  • khleomix
  • Lax Mariappan
  • Lauren Pittenger
  • Lindsey Bell
  • Lisa Sabin-Wilson
  • Laura Coronado
  • Marty O'Connor
  • Ashar Irfan
  • Laura Byrne
  • oliverh
  • Sal Ferrarello
  • Michael Beckwith
  • Brad Williams
  • ximekil


Your all-in-one WordPress platform – Optimize and manage multiple WP sites with our award-winning plugins, dedicated hosting, powerful site management tools, and 5-star support. Since 2006, WPMU DEV has been creating high-quality WordPress solutions – helping more than 900,000 developers, freelancers, site-owners, and agencies grow their WP businesses.

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  • bastetmilo
  • dubajicp
  • Aditya Shah
  • Evangelia Pappa
  • Dimitris
  • Jorge Díaz
  • Joel James
  • jsolorzano0209
  • kinjaldalwadi
  • mindanticipation
  • Nastia Kolomoytseva
  • Nebu John Thaliyath
  • Nithin
  • Patrick Freitas
  • Prathamesh Palve
  • Rupok Chowdhury Protik
  • Umesh Kumar
  • Anton Vanyukov
  • Konstantinos Xenos


Hostinger contributes innovative web hosting solutions to the WordPress community. Our advanced hosting infrastructure guarantees speed and security for websites of all sizes. Like WordPress, we come from small beginnings and recognize the power of collaboration and innovation to realize a vision. We work with WordPress every day to ensure the experience for our users… continue reading Hostinger

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  • abdelali123
  • Bruna Vidanya
  • Carlos Mora
  • Emma
  • Gabrielė
  • Leonardus Nugraha
  • Stefany
  • Ignas Rimkūnas

Thai Programmer Association

Thai Programmer Association We are committed to building a network of programmers to talk. public relations event

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  • iamapinan


When WordPress thrives we all thrive. Meet other like minded people and be a force for good.

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  • williampatton


Based in Central Finland, Dude works internationally with a wide range of different kinds of clients building highly customized WordPress solutions to fit their needs.

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  • Timi Wahalahti

WP Wolf

WP Wolf creates WordPress heroes through courses, services and bespoke work. We’ll make you feel at home in WordPress.

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  • Louis Wolf


WPVibes is a plugin development. We focus on providing quality plugin.

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  • Anand Upadhyay
  • Pooja Derashri


Nevma.gr is a small boutique web design agency based in Athens, Greece. We specialise in building custom designed and developed web experiences on the WordPress platform. We wholeheartedly embrace the values of openness and inclusion that the WordPress community stands for and we contribute in the areas of: plugin and theme development, meetups organising, WordCamps… continue reading Nevma.gr

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  • Kostas Fryganiotis
  • Takis Bouyouris
  • takisbig


At XWP, we engineer performance and publishing technologies that make the Internet better for everyone. Better for visitors by making sites lightning-fast to navigate. For teams by improving workflows. And for businesses by improving retention and conversions.

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  • crissoca
  • Piotr Delawski
  • Francesca Marano
  • furi3r
  • Tammie Lister
  • marioy47
  • Mike Crantea
  • Mihai Dumitrascu
  • Milana Cap
  • Muhammad Muhsin
  • Paul Bearne
  • postphotos
  • Ramsés Del Rosario
  • Jonny Harris
  • Uday Kokitkar


We create awesome plugins and themes for WordPress.

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  • esther sola
  • Nahuai Badiola

ITclan BD

ITclan BD offers quality web services from Website Design, Software Development, E-Commerce Service, Mobile Apps Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing, Creatives with 3D Animation, etc. We provide software management systems to all kinds of businesses in order to compete in the digital world.

ITclan BD has pledged 18 hours a week

  • Ashikul Islam Tamal
  • ITclan BD
  • Mehedi Foysal
  • Sabbir Khan Shuvo
  • Oli

Vebsiko® Hosting

Cloud Managed Hosting & Cloud VPS Provider. Users can get benefit with Forever Free WP & WOO Hosting up to 1 GB storage space with Unlimited traffic & Bandwidth, many more features.

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  • Abhi
  • Vebsiko® Hosting

Nelio Software

We are a passionate development team that brings plugins to help you create, promote, and optimize websites efficiently.

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  • Antonio Villegas
  • David Aguilera
  • rraventos


Nous sommes des experts en affaires électroniques, en automatisation des ventes et du marketing et en commerce électronique. Instigateur d’innovation et de performance, Globalia est le partenaire idéal pour stimuler votre croissance. — We are eBusiness, Inbound, Marketing and Sales automation, and eCommerce specialists. Globalia is the perfect partner to help drive your growth.

Globalia has pledged 4 hours a week

  • Alexis Coulombe
  • Guillaume Hamel


Abstract with 25 years experience is a well-recognized innovation partner, supporting market-leading companies in: – Strategic and IT consulting – Development of digital automation systems – System Integration, Solution Integration, Business Integration Our Vision: further consolidate our leadership in the creation of innovative services and solutions, assisting customers in shifting their organizations from a «product-driven»… continue reading Abstract

Abstract has pledged 3 hours a week

  • Matteo Spirandelli

Black Studio

Black Studio is a digital agency born in 2002, specialized in WordPress development, hosting and email services, Search Engine Optimization, e-commerce, graphic design, web advertising and marketing. Our team includes engineers, developers, designers, SEO specialists and content architects. We are able to take care of complex projects that require a wide variety of skills. We… continue reading Black Studio

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  • Antonio Trifirò
  • Claudia Di Dio
  • Marco Chiesi
  • Francesco Canovi

Parship Group

As the leading provider of online dating services worldwide it is our goal to find the perfect match for everyone. The Parship Group headquarters are located in the heart of Hamburg; further offices are based in Los Angeles, London and Amsterdam. We employ over 300 colleagues in various fields, ranging from IT to product management… continue reading Parship Group

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  • Sören Wrede

WP Media

Founded in 2014, WP Media is an equal opportunity employer with a distributed team of +35 teammates living around the world. We are best known as the creators of WP Rocket, but we also developed Imagify.

WP Media has pledged 20 hours a week

  • cristinasoponar
  • Ahmed Saeed
  • GeekPress
  • iCaspar
  • Remy Perona


We are a small agency in Germany and create appealing and functional websites with fast loading times (performance) at fair conditions.

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  • Hans-Gerd Gerhards

required gmbh

We are a remote agency with experienced web professionals who work without intermediary, but directly with our clients. Whether it’s WordPress development, interaction design, user experience and user testing or a clean visual website that works across all devices, we can help you to develop elegant web-solutions with a keen focus on the end user’s… continue reading required gmbh

required gmbh has pledged 6 hours a week

  • Ulrich
  • Dominik Schilling


With over 10 years experience in delivering WordPress based solutions, Fullworks specialises in plugin development. We pride ourselves on the level of support we provide to both our premium customers and the users of out free plugins. We are about as small and lightweight as you can get, but that is the way we like… continue reading Fullworks

Fullworks has pledged 2 hours a week

  • Alan Fuller


Extendify is the fastest and easiest way to build WordPress websites with a library of Gutenberg patterns and layouts that work with nearly any theme. We are on a mission to extend the power of WordPress to enable SMBs around the world to achieve their goals.

Extendify has pledged 8 hours a week

  • Artur Grabowski
  • Chris Lubkert
  • kbatdorf
  • Rich Tabor


Convesio was founded in 2018 to provide agencies and enterprises a platform for hosting scalable, secure WordPress sites without the complexity of traditional cloud providers. Traditional hosting has not evolved to embrace the latest technology, and design agencies struggle to find scalable, high performance hosting. Cloud infrastructures are costly, complex and out of reach for… continue reading Convesio

Convesio has pledged 5 hours a week

  • Tom Fanelli

Tadpole Collective

We are a workers’ collective, a partnership of professionals who pool our talents and tools . We met through the WordPress NYC Meetup, brought together by our mutual appreciation for simplicity and the evolution of small things. We all share a strong belief in open-source software, collaborative effort and empowering the individual WordPress user. We… continue reading Tadpole Collective

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  • danaskallman
  • Kevin Cristiano
  • Rindy Portfolio
  • Tadpole Collective


Italiaonline is the largest Italian internet company and offers web marketing and digital services advertising, including the management of advertising campaigns and the generation of leads through social networks and search engines. The company’s strategic objective is to consolidate its leadership in the digital advertising market for large accounts and in local marketing services.

Italiaonline has pledged 2 hours a week

  • Enrico Sorcinelli