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WordCamp Jinja: Diverse Speaker Sessions, Web Design Hackathon, Teachers Workshop and Fun at the Nile Source!

WordCamp Jinja 2022 (Fri 2nd– Sat 3rd Sept 2022) will be a major community event in Jinja City, Uganda, where WordPress developers, website designers, online publishers, students and teachers will converge to share comprehensive knowledge and experiences, and to meet other WordPress users. Its going to be a great networking event that will also attract guests from all over Uganda and beyond. The main host venue will be The Innovation Village, Plot 5 Main Street, Jinja City.

There will be something for everyone – beginner’s training, inspirational talks, showcases, best practices, latest trends, plus an after party with lots of fun and camping at the Source of the Nile in Jinja!

Planned Activities

  1. Diverse Speaker Presentations will be delivered on various topics ranging from what’s new in the WordPress ecosystem, show cases, website optimization (SEO, security, performance), developer tools and best practices, contributing to open source and the WordPress project, web business and professionalism, digital marketing, etc.
  2. Web Design Hackathon will connect volunteer developers with local startups in need of websites. There will be a dev challenge for Websites to be setup and a showcase of work-done be presented on the last day of the WordCamp! The Hackathon will also serve as an opportunity for meeting and working with new people! More details about the hackathon in this tweet.
  3. Teachers Workshop will explore the integration of WordPress in the local education curriculum. Teachers will be trained on how to introduce WordPress to their students for web design topic in O-level computer studies exam, for project work and world of work assessment. Vital teaching and learning resources such as the lesson plans at learn.wordpress.org will be shared. Teachers will also be inspired to take on Web Design as a side business to earn extra income alongside their school salaries! Registration of teachers and students is being done by the ICT Teachers Association via this link: bit.ly/wordcampjinja.
  4. A visit to the Source of the Nile – Jinja city is nestled on the shores of Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, and is deeply rooted in colorful history. The city is home to the source of the Nile, the longest river in the world. River Nile is one of the major geographic superlatives on the earth and from time immemorial, and it has been an outstanding natural land feature worth mentioning in historical books including the holy bible. The New Iconic Nile Bridge is the gateway to Jinja City. WordCamp Jinja will be wrapped up in style with a group photo and fun at the Source of Nile!

Full schedule of activities will be published soon.

Accommodation For those coming to Jinja for their first time, there are several hotels and guest houses where you can reside. Check through this listing by booking.com: bit.ly/jinjahotels. You can also contact the WordCamp team at [email protected] for more inquiries and guidance.

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved! Check out the details below:

Join the discussion via #WordCampJinja hashtag on Twitter

Looking forward to a wonderful WordCamp at the Nile Source!

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WordCamp Europe 2022 is just around the corner

Only a few weeks left to join the European WordPress Communities and celebrate the 10th anniversary of WCEU.

Nearing WordCamp Europe 2022 – the first in-person flagship WordCamp since the pandemic, things are getting exciting backstage.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of WordCamp Europe makes WCEU 2022 the best way to welcome back in-person events. So, what are the things you can expect from WordCamp Europe 2022? We’re listing all the updates, so keep reading!

The Speakers are already announced

An amazing lineup of speakers covering topics such as Business, Design, Gutenberg, Development, Accessibility, Headless, and more have been announced. For details, find out more here.

The Schedule is posted on the WCEU 2022 website

After announcing a wide range of great speakers in the past few weeks, the full schedule of WCEU 2022 is now revealed. There will be 40+ exciting sessions & workshops along with a fun and amazing After Party. Click here if you can’t wait and want to check out the complete event schedule.

And the Contributor day is on!

Contributor Day will take place, as usual, one day before the main WordCamp Europe event, on Thursday 2nd June 2022, at the same venue as the rest of the camp – the Super Bock Arena in Porto. It is a full day of contributing and networking with other passionate WordPressers! In order to participate at Contributor Day, please complete this registration form.


So only a few weeks to go before WordCamp Europe 2022.

The organizing team behind the scenes of WordCamp Europe 2022 can’t wait to meet you! Everyone is giving their best efforts to make sure you will enjoy an amazing event.

WordCamp Europe 2022 takes place 2- 4 June in Porto, Portugal.
For more information, check the WCEU website.

Fired up and ready to be a part of the WordCamp Europe family?

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Join the European WordPress Community in Porto, Portugal!

In just 4 weeks Porto will finally host the long-awaited WordCamp Europe in the Super Bock Arena in Porto, Portugal after having been postponed for 2 years in a row.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of WCEU and the return of the in-person WordCamps this edition will be a special one that you shouldn’t miss. This year speakers and workshop hosts will focus on ‘WordPress’ and The future of WordPress’, in WP Cafe you will be able to grab a coffee and discuss other WordPress topics at one of the tables. Of course, you’re welcome to share your knowledge yourself and contribute to WordPress during the Contributor Day.

If you plan to bring your partner and maybe your kids, we’ve got you covered: childcare will be available too.

And while you’re planning your visit to WCEU2022, extend your stay and visit this great city. We have partnered with TAP Airlines and some hotels to get a nice reduction on your expenses.

Convinced? Grab your tickets while they are still available!

Location: Super Bock Arena in Porto
Date: 2- 4 June 2022

See you in Porto!

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Represent Your Community: Join the WordCamp Asia 2023 Team

It’s hard to believe over 2 years have passed since we announced the cancellation of our first flagship WordCamp in the region, WordCamp Asia 2020.

Now, I’m happy to announce the organising team is back together and ready to plan our event in February 2023! While the majority of the team is coming back, we are looking for some additional members to join us.

Call for Organisers

To make WordCamp Asia a truly diverse and inclusive event, we need your help. If you are someone who is passionate about WordPress and want to help shape the future of it in Asia, please consider joining us on this new journey.

And even if that’s not an option for you right at the moment, I hope you can take a few minutes to help spread the word. We’d love to reach as many active members of Asian WordPress communities as possible. Please share this news with your friends, colleagues, or anyone who may be interested.

Over the years, the support from the WordPress community for our event has been overwhelmingly warm and kind. Thanks again for trusting us to stay strong. We can’t wait to meet you in Bangkok.


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Bluehost supports WordPress community events worldwide

We can’t thank Bluehost enough for their continued support as a sponsor for the global WordPress community! Their support of WordPress community events around the globe at our Gold level!

Bluehost has been a WordPress partner since 2005 and powers over 1 million WordPress sites worldwide. Their objective is to help customers, whether novice or pro, create a thriving online presence at an affordable price. With a team of in-house tech experts available 24/7, Bluehost dedicates time and resources to providing the best support and services in the industry. Join millions of other site owners and see what Bluehost can do for you and your online presence.

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Thanks to Jetpack for sponsoring community events worldwide

What would we do without our sponsors? We’re so grateful to Jetpack for sponsoring WordPress community events all around the globe at the Gold level in 2022! Jetpack’s support helps make local community events (like WordPress meetup groups and WordCamps) better for WordPress enthusiasts and easier to organize for our wonderful group of hardworking volunteers.

Transform how you work with your WordPress sites: Jetpack connects your site to the global services, community, and support provided by WordPress.com. Focus on the substance of your site, not the software.

Jetpack security tools automatically shield your site from spammers, hackers, and malware, while real-time syncing and backup means never worrying about data loss. Traffic-building tools like easy social sharing help you attract readers and search engines, and pages delivered from a high-speed, global content delivery network mean those readers never bounce because of a slow-loading site.

Jetpack’s Affiliate program gives you 20% every time you sell Jetpack to a customer or client — with unlimited referrals, the sky’s the limit!

Whether you’re one person with a website or an agency with a dozen clients, Jetpack helps you grow. Make your site work for you at Jetpack.com.

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WordPress.com joins the WordPress global community sponsorship program in 2022

We couldn’t be happier to welcome WordPress.com to the WordPress global community sponsorship program in 2022! They’re sponsoring at the Gold level supporting official WordPress community events across the globe.

WordPress.com offers managed hosting – a service that is 100% dedicated to hosting WordPress open source software for optimized performance. Managed hosting is a great option for people who don’t want to deal with the backend technical operations of running a website. You get all the power of WordPress, professionally managed and hassle-free, including:

  • Speed: WordPress.com earned Top Tier status in the WordPress Hosting Performance Benchmarks review with perfect 100% uptime on both monitors, zero errors across both load tests, and the fastest WP bench of any company in any price tier this year.
  • Powerful, built-in SEO: All of our themes are optimized for search engines, which means they are designed to make it easy for the Googlebot (and other search engines) to crawl through them and index your content.
  • Ironclad security: Our systems and security teams are vigilant about protecting your site and personal data. That’s why we’re trusted by some of the most high-profile sites on the web.
  • Hands-on support: Get world-class dedicated support from our happiness engineers, educational courses, and webinars.
  • Peace of mind: We make it easy to get started and maintain your site with automatic version updates and real-time silent backups, so you’ll never worry about losing your site content.
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Nexcess joins the WordPress global community sponsorship program in 2022

We couldn’t be happier to welcome Nexcess to the WordPress global community sponsorship program in 2022! They’re sponsoring at the Gold level, supporting official WordPress community events around the globe.

Nexcess provides a fully managed, high-performance, and best-in-class cloud solution built to optimize WordPress and WooCommerce sites and stores. For over 20 years, our holistic, hands-on approach to managed products and solutions has provided users with tools that help them create better websites and e-commerce stores along with expert, on-demand support. By removing the stress of managing the day-to-day operations of their site or store, we afford our customers the ability to PRESS forward and focus more on what inspires them.

Whether you’re a small business owner, designer, developer, or a small to medium-sized agency, Nexcess has a solution to help you and your business succeed.

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